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4 Tips To Balance Your Personal and Professional Lives

As you get more experienced, your work-life balance related to office work and managing personal life raises depending on your job responsibility and marital status. A good work-life balance has positive effects meaning they lower the risk of burnout, less stress, and a greater sense of well-being for both employers and employees. Being successful is not limited to only earning a lot of currency. It means attaining success in all aspects of life, whether handling a big client or simply being available for the people who rely on you.

The more people rely on you in the office or at home, the more important it is that you keep both scopes stable. Keeping a strong work-life balance is critical to keeping yourself content and creative, but it’s just as significant to the well-being of those in your surroundings.

Moreover, there are numerous manpower recruitment agencies overseas that provide a great deal of employment in the UAE and Europe, where such consideration for the employees is appreciated and recognized.

Here are Tips to create a better work-life balance and adjust your personal and professional life.

  1. Prioritize Your Schedule.

Keep your schedule every single minute of your day in a well-organized form. Assigning definite tasks to specific time blocks ensures that everything gets done when needed. It sounds a bit restrictive, but comprehensive scheduling is redeeming and saving.

A well-organized schedule is potential to your will, and you will fulfill your most persistent duties on the time assigned. Providing an arrangement for your daytime can help keep you from getting mired in minor -instant work, allowing you to emphasize better tasks.

  1. Keep Aware Of The Schedules Of Those Around You.

Maintaining your schedule is just half part. Designing your schedule for yourself only will lead to creating clashes with the schedules of your colleagues, co-workers, families, and friends. If you need to balance your personal and your professional time, you should keep an eye on those around you. Work-life balance is not only assigning the accurate number of times to each surface of your daily life. It also involves being there during crucial moments.

  1. Analyze Your Time.

Using your time effectively is crucial because it is worth it for both you and your business. Maintaining your working hours will lead you to accurate time management. Employees usually spend more than the working hours and enjoy it. But the side effect is that they lack socializing with their friends and families, which is extremely important. Therefore, what do you do with your time? How much of your day do you spend dealing with crucial tasks? Making the most of your time requires using it as efficiently as you can, and doing so is challenging if you have no idea how your time is being used in the first place.

Try to avoid spending too much time on work each week, and see where you can cut back to focus more on your priorities. Find a time management app that records your usage and alerts you on assigned tasks. Verify that minor tasks are not overrunning your timetable.

  1. Take a Break.

Unplugging yourself for a short period means taking a vacation and working off. Whether your vacation consists of a one-week or a two-month trip, it’s significant to take time off to be physically and mentally renewed. Some companies provide trip vacation holidays for their employees.


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Here Is a Look at The Most Trending Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the most-increasing commercial middles that attract tourists and businesses worldwide. Apart from conventional firms, startup ventures and Small Medium Enterprises are consistently probing for new competencies in Saudi Arabia. Suppose you are a college scholar who wants to furnace your profession or a skilled professional looking for a new challenge. Understanding and learning the numerous curving careers in Saudi Arabia are vital. If you are seeing a job alteration or looking to move abroad, here is a look at the Most trending jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistanis.

  1.  Risk And Security Management Professions

The field of risk and security management is the trendiest job in Saudi Arabia. In this field, managers and security analysts lie. There is a more significant threat to data and business security because most companies are entirely digital and adopting new technologies. Therefore, companies want to hire in-house specialists who can forecast, anticipate and mitigate the associated risks.

The professions in Saudi Arabia that are most in-demand in this framework comprise:

  • Risk Executives or Managers
  • Security Analysts or Experts
  • Cyber Security Architects
  1. Legal Sector Occupations

Over time, Saudi Arabia has extended their legal prospects to accommodate the swiftly developing global business countryside. Well-organized legal experts, remarkably fluent in dispute resolution and financial technology and regulations, need well-organized legal experts.

If you are watching for high-demand jobs in Saudia’s legal segment, you can avail the opportunity to get employed in such fields.

  • Legal Advisor or a counsel
  • Paralegal
  • Legal Assistant
  1. Digitalization And Artificial Intelligence Field

Artificial Intelligence or Digitalization sectors can lift your likelihood of getting work in Saudi Arabia for several reasons.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The Middle East is a zone of the elite community; either a businessman or a tourist has played a tremendous role in modifying the culture of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Employers’ increasing reliance on innovative machinery has led to high claims for specialists and experts in this sector. Today there is a high requirement for Artificial Intelligence experts for in-house technology crews in Saudi Arabia. B

  • Digitalization

Several technical jobs like developers (front-end, full-stack, or android), cyber security specialists, cloud engineers, and IT project managers are accessible on the market. They have experience in digital transformation or having controlled a company’s digitalization in such technical fields. You are eligible for such high-in-demand job roles for now and future. With Saudi Arabia at the forefront of digital prowess, business modernization is inevitable.

Because the established and startup companies transform from manual to digitalization practices, the call for software development specialists and people who can bring about or implement digital transformation is advancing.

  1. Accounting And Finance Occupation

The demand for finance and Accounting is rare and common because no business can operate in and out of money without accounting and finance management.

Therefore, businesses tried to find efficient financial procedures to achieve cost efficiency and manage accounts. The demand for professionals in the accounting and finance sector, from New Ventures and Small Medium Enterprises to multinationals, is highly required and fixed.

Finance Titles include:

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Payroll Assistant
  3. Finance Clerk
  4. Financial Advisor Assistant
  5. Financial Consultant

Accounts Titles include:

  1. Bookkeeping clerk
  2. Accountant
  3. Business analyst
  4. Certified public accountant (CPA)
  5. Accounting consultant


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Get To Know Dubai Before Getting Employed

Foreigners who want to live and work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, need a company from the country to act as a ‘sponsor’. It would be ideal for them to build their career. Otherwise, they have to find work after entering Dubai, which is a problematic option. If a company acts as a sponsor, you can only work for it. The company is in charge of the procedures for obtaining the visa and residence permit by contacting the authorities for you.

In this regard, you can contact some reliable recruitment agencies in Pakistan to succeed. Here, we intend to let you know how you can live and work in Dubai. So, this blog focuses on the requirements to work in Dubai, its major industries, and its work culture.

Work Requirements, Major Industries, And Work Culture In Dubai

Here is some key information about Dubai that will help you know the city and find the most suitable employment: 

Work Requirements In Dubai

At first, having Arabic language skills is not mandatory, but you need to speak English, and your level cannot be less than B2 (more advanced level). So, what you need is to speak fluent English. English is necessary for well-paid jobs

Apart from the advanced level of English, you will need a visa to work in Dubai. For this, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You need to be sponsored (hired) by a company and process your work permit.
  • Passport with more than 6 months validity.
  • Do not have contagious diseases (you must pass a medical examination).

Major Industries In Dubai

The UAE has one of the world’s highest per capita income levels and a highly developed welfare system. Dubai also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the Middle East, around 0.5%. And this most populous city relies heavily on foreign labor (over 85% of the workforce). 

‘Emiratization’ is a policy launched in Dubai to encourage the employment of the local workforce. Still, the unemployment rate among Emiratis remains considerably high compared to foreigners. It varies by Emirate, with the highest rate in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai contributes around 53% of GDP and employs 64% of the workforce. The main business sectors in the city are as follows:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Tourism
  • Air Transport
  • International Trade
  • Financial Activities

The Oil & Gas landscape has been through enormous changes during the past few years. Investment throughout the region, including Dubai, is now spread across a more diverse range of projects. Technical offshore projects are most prominent because of employment opportunities for foreigners.

An expectation is that this will continue in the future. Offshore exploration spending will likely go up five-fold by the next few years. The projects, including Upper Zakum, Ruwais Refinery Complex, Zubair Oil Field, Basra Gas Gathering Project, and others, are creating new job opportunities for locals and foreigners.

Other potential industries include petrochemical, material processing, furniture manufacturing, industrial food preparation, aluminum production, and real estate.

Work Culture In Dubai

The work culture in Dubai is hospitable, in which personal and work relationships go almost hand in hand. In addition, it is one of the cities with the most significant cultural and social openness in the Arabian Peninsula.

Dubai, despite its openness, continues to be a society in which loyalties and family, clan and tribal ties define relationships. Economic and business relations do not escape this social context.

Final Words

We hope this blog will help you get to know Dubai. Undoubtedly, Dubai still has the potential to create job opportunities because of the mega projects, especially in the oil and gas sector. If you’ve pertinent qualifications, knowledge, and expertise in any field, you can contact Islamic Manpower Promoters to get employed in Dubai. We’re the leading manpower supply agency in Pakistan, helping Pakistanis find well-paid employment in UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Contact us today!


8 Pros Of Working In Saudi Arabia

The middle east has become an increasingly popular long-term destination for people. The growth of career opportunities in the middle east has attracted people from all over the world. If you consider moving to another country to work, then Saudi Arabia should be your next destination.

Islamic Manpower Promoters is one of the best recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries. And we’ve written this blog to make people aware of why it is so advantageous to work in Saudi Arabia. Let’s take a look:

Eight Pros of Working in Saudi Arabia

1.     Accommodation

Accommodation is relatively easy to find in Saudi Arabia. There are many places you can live with ease. All kinds of accommodations are available. And there are even employers who might offer to shoulder your accommodation expenses. This is very advantageous for expats who don’t want to spend too much on accommodation.

2.     Free Plane Tickets

One of the biggest perks of working in Saudi Arabia is the free plane tickets the organization you are working for provides you with. You can use them to go home to your family for a vacation and return. So, the organization handling all your travel expenses is attractive for people who want to stay close to family.

3.     Transportation Allowances

It’s not just international transport that’s serviced by the organization. You can even get an allowance for transportation in Saudi Arabia. So, your travels within the country are also reimbursed by your organization.

4.     Fully Paid vacations

Everyone wants to take time off and have some fun. Or go back home to meet the family. But they fear that they will have to dip into their savings to do that. Working in Saudi Arabia has the advantage of being paid even during your vacation time. So, you can go home or enjoy time off otherwise, and you can be sure that you will be paid, despite taking time off.

5.     Better Salary

Saudi Arabia is such a popular place for expats and foreign workers because it pays well to work in Saudi Arabia. Even lower-level jobs have much better pay packages than what you might find in Pakistan. So, you can earn big with some hard work.

6.     No Tax

We would all rather avoid income tax. But most places in the world have it, and we must abide by it. But in Saudi Arabia, you don’t have to endure that. There is zero income tax, even on expats. So, no matter what you earn, you take 100% of it home.

7.     Health insurance

Life is unpredictable, and medical emergencies can come up at any time. Saudi Arabian companies offer full health insurance packages. If something does come up, you don’t have to worry about finances. Your insurance package will handle it.

8.     Severance/Remuneration Pay

When your service comes to the organization ends, companies give you a severance/remuneration package thanking you for your time serving the organization. The longer you’ve worked at the company, the bigger the package.

Some countries just offer you a job. They don’t bother with any of the other factors that take proper care of their employees. But in Saudi Arabia, you are taken care of. Every company serves you just as much as you serve them.

To Wrap Up

Making the right career choice is important. You have to think about where you might be getting the best deal. If you feel like Saudi Arabia is your destination, contact Islamic Manpower Promoters. We work to recruit the best talent in Pakistan and help them emigrate. And we cover the entire Middle East. So, if you are looking for Saudi Arabian or even UAE jobs for Pakistanis, we are your best bet. Contact us today!


5 Tips to Have a Better Career

A lot of people enter into professional life without knowing how to ace it. That means that navigating professional life can become difficult.

A lot of people just believe that you need the right skills and talent to perform well in the corporate world. This is far from the truth. If that was the case, every university graduate would be making big money the moment they leave their student life.

If you are struggling with your career, then you need not to worry. We are here to help you. Down below are 5 tips that can help you make significant career progress:

Never Stop Learning

It’s not the 1980s anymore. Market dynamics are changing. Corporate operations are evolving. The point here is that stagnancy is no longer sustainable. If you aren’t learning and expanding your knowledge base, then you’ll become outdated soon.

If you want to grow and stay relevant, then learn. Constantly find out ways how you can be a better resource to your company. That’s how you’ll grow, and that’s how you make a successful career.

Learn Soft Skills

Things are becoming digitized. Most things that people can do, a computer can do better.

But what is it that makes people different than computers? Soft skills. AI still has a long way to learn soft skills. This means that if you have the right ones, you’ll be loved in an organization.

Work on your communication. Work on your presentation. Work on your work ethic. These may seem basic, but you’ll realize how immensely beneficial they are once you put them to the right use!

Learn to Negotiate

A lot of people don’t truly realize their worth at an organization.

That’s the reason why they feel miserable at work. In their heads, they are underpaid. If you want to progress far in your career, then you need to learn to negotiate. See, the employers are happy to make you work for the least that they can.

If lies upon you to tell them the value that you bring and the monetary compensation that you deserve against that.

Look for Opportunities

Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Unless you truly have a one-in-a-million opportunity, always look out for something better.

You can even look for HR agencies that offer jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistanis. There are a lot of better monetary opportunities for your skills in the world outside of Pakistan. All that’s required is your willingness to explore.

Be Mindful of your Network

Networking helps you build an amazing career.

Know this from the first day you step into your professional life. After some significant in your professional journey, your network will play an important role.

For a lot of senior profiles, their network only is the sole testimony of their stellar work. They say that your network is your net worth. And that stands true for many professionals.

Be mindful of your network and work hard to connect with the right people. It’ll truly pay your career well.

Wrap up

Having a good career is a dream for many. Unfortunately, not many have the right mindset to achieve that.

Hopefully, what we’ve mentioned above, will give you a fresh direction to maneuver your career towards growth.

If you are looking for opportunities in the Gulf and Saudi region, feel free to contact Islamic power, the best manpower agency in Pakistan.


6 Things You Need to Consider Before Leaving to Work in Saudi Arabia

Thousands of expats leave their country to work in Saudi Arabia every year, a fraction of which are from Pakistan. There are dozen of job opportunities in this Middle Eastern country, which invites those who want to explore the international market and work abroad. You can even find recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia that help you find a perfect company based on your qualifications and experience.

But before you get in touch with them, here are a few things you should consider before leaving to work in Saudi Arabia.

1.    Different Languages

The national language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic and at times you will be required to talk and understand that language only. Although you can still speak in English, as it is considered a universal language and is spoken by many working professionals, it is better to learn the language. You are likely to move up the ladder quickly if you know their local language and have a better relationship with your colleagues as well.

2.    Non-Conventional Interviews

When you apply for a job that is not in your home country, you will have to prepare yourself for non-conventional interviews. This includes interviewing through video calls or phone calls. So, it is important that you practice your talking points with your prospective employer and prepare for answers to multiple interview questions. Since it is somewhat a different domain for many employees, you must make sure you are ready in every way.

3.    Different Time Zones

Even though there is not much time difference between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, it is important that you keep track. All your interviews in Saudi Arabia will be held based on their time, so you must make sure to consider the time change. Plus, before leaving for Saudi Arabia, you should try and adjust yourself to their time zone beforehand. This will make your transition to their time a lot easier.

4.    Holidays

It is quite easy to keep track and plan for holidays in Saudi Arabia when you’re going there from Pakistan. Most of the holidays and off-days observed over there are also observed in Pakistan, with the exception of a few. So, you can expect 3 days eid holidays and other Islamic off days but you won’t be able to get an off on days that are for occasions only observed in Pakistan. This includes Independence Day, Defence Day, etc. So, make sure you plan your holidays accordingly.

5.    Work Permit And Visa

To work or even seek a job in an overseas company, you may need to obtain a work permit or visa. You should also keep in mind the time limits on your work permit in case it does not survive the term of your job. Similarly in Saudi Arabia, you will need a work visa. You can easily apply for a visa through agencies that are accredited to the Royal Embassy Of Saudi Arabia.

Some companies in Saudi Arabia take responsibility for your visa application. They pay for it and make sure it goes through. However, you will have to ensure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity left from the day you enter the country.   

6.    Economy, Politics, And Culture

When you choose to work in Saudi Arabia, you must make yourself familiar with their culture, customs, and etiquette. Since Saudi Arabia is an Islamic and very conservative country, you must ensure that you make yourself accustomed to their rules and regulations along with societal norms. The more you adapt to the country, the better your experience will be. Plus, make sure you learn about the country’s economy and politics before taking the interview, as it may come up.

Once you have considered everything, you can contact Saudi Arabia recruitment agencies in Pakistan to take a step forward. At Islamic Manpower, we can help you find a multitude of opportunities that are just perfect for your experience and qualifications. So, get in touch with us now!