Future opportunities of Manpower from Pakistan – IMP

The demand for Pakistani labor in Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia has substantially decreased. In addition to these Gulf nations, Pakistan is also targeting other countries for labor exports, including Qatar, Germany, Canada, and Japan.

The football world cup is set to be held in Qatar in 2022, generating a market for two million workers. Qatar’s emir has declared 100,000 jobs for Pakistanis. Qatar visa centers have been developed in Islamabad and Karachi to assist intending employees in completing the visa process and other requirements.

Germany will need 3 million skilled workers in various sectors such as information technology, engineering, health care, services, automotive, energy, and environmental sciences by 2030, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Electricians, welders, mechanics, salespeople, drivers, technicians, engineers, IT consultants, office support personnel, health care, and educational professionals are among the 430,000 jobs required in Canada.

According to the World Economic Forum, Japan’s population has declined by nearly one million in the last five years, posing a challenge to the country’s economy, especially at a time when Japanese goods are in high demand globally. To address this situation, the Japanese government passed a bill on December 8, 2018, establishing a new strategy. that bears striking parallels to the South Korean Employment Permit System, which would reform the country’s immigration control legislation by adding new visa categories for foreign employees in an effort to solve concerns of an aging population and a declining workforce.

According to forecasts, there will be 0.5 million job openings for international employees in industries such as construction, agriculture, hospitality, health care, shipbuilding, and manufacturing by 2025.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia plans to invest $3 billion in the New Taif City scheme, which includes a new airport, the extension of Souq Okaz City, technology and industrial parks, a suburban suburb of over 10,000 houses, and a new university.

Saudi Arabia also intends to build the $500 billion Neom megacities, which will link the country to Africa through a bridge across the Red Sea. According to the Saudi Vision 2030, 30 million pilgrims are expected to arrive next year, generating tremendous opportunities in the hospitality market. It also aims to relaunch the Makkah Haram initiative.

Increased overseas jobs plan

The Pakistani government must develop labor skills to meet the needs of employers abroad, as well as raise remuneration for Pakistani expatriates. The government aims to work closely with Germany, Japan, Canada, and Austria in order to increase opportunities for Pakistanis in light of the potential for expatriate jobs in these countries due to their aging populations.

The government has already developed an inter-ministerial task force on overseas Pakistanis and human resource development, chaired by the special assistant to the prime minister on overseas Pakistanis and human resource development, with the mandate of developing a framework for finding work opportunities abroad. This is a positive development by the government.

Pakistan is now experiencing a balance of payments problem and is forced to seek IMF assistance due to depleting foreign exchange reserves. A rise in manpower exports will help the country’s foreign exchange reserves while also providing job opportunities.