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The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Attestation is a crucial step in getting your degree recognized in Pakistan and abroad. The HEC is a regulatory authority that oversees all universities in Pakistan, and attesting your degree from the HEC is necessary for all levels of education, including graduation, master’s, MS, MPhil, and doctorate degrees.

If you want to get your degree attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any foreign embassy in Pakistan, it is mandatory to get it attested from the HEC first. Before proceeding with the degree attestation from the HEC, there are some basic requirements you should be aware of:

  • Your name must be accurate and match your National ID card
  • The date of birth or any other data in all your educational documents must be the same as your NIC
  • If your degree is a duplicate, an affidavit on stamp paper will be required
  • Your NIC must be valid at the time of attestation
  • The degree should not be torn
  • Some degrees require the university to verify the degree before it can be attested

Required Documentation for Degree Attestation by HEC

  1. Original Master Degree
  2. Original Graduation Degree
  3. Original Master Marksheet
  4. Original Graduation Marksheet
  5. Matric Certificate Original
  6. Intermediate Certificate Original
  7. ID Card Copy
  8. HEC Profile Password
  9. 1 Photo as Soft Copy if it is not updated in the HEC Profile Before

Steps to get Degree Attested by HEC

  1. Visit the official website of HEC Pakistan to know the current requirements and process of document attestation.
  2. Get your original documents, including degree certificates, transcripts, and other relevant documents.
  3. Make sure that all the required documents are in order and there are no mistakes, errors or discrepancies in the details. You may need to get them corrected before submitting for attestation.
  4. Visit the nearest HEC office in person with your original documents, a photocopy of your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card), and the processing fee.
  5. Obtain the attestation form from the HEC office or download it from their website and fill it out with accurate information.
  6. Submit the attestation form along with the original documents and photocopy of CNIC to the designated officer for verification.
  7. Pay the processing fee for the attestation process. You can pay through a bank challan or online payment gateway, depending on the options provided by HEC.
  8. Wait for the designated officer to verify your documents and issue the attestation letter.
  9. Collect the attested documents and attestation letter from the HEC office. Make sure to keep them safe for future use.

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