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Are you looking for a job opportunity in Oman? Islamic Manpower Promoters is a manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan that can assist you in this.

Why Should You Settle In Oman?

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A career in a well-developed muslim country can bring you lots of great opportunities, especially if you move to a country like Oman. In the same InterNations survey, Oman is ranked 9th in the world on the ‘Safety & Security’ parameter, making it one of the most secure countries in the world not just for people looking for jobs in the GCC, but globally. Omani people are also well-mannered, polite, welcoming, and friendly. Considering all of this, relocating to Oman and establishing a career can be a wise decision. Once you move there and begin working, you will have a plethora of opportunities for advancement in terms of exposure, monetary benefits, and overall lifestyle. If you are looking for work in Oman, Islamic Manpower is your best choice. We are one of the leading recruitment agencies in Pakistan. Call now!

Work Culture In Oman

  • Oman’s work culture is very progressive, and newcomers are unlikely to find the environment challenging. Oman ranked 17th in a survey that examined the operation and effectiveness of the new work culture imposed on the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. InterNations, one of the largest international communities for people who live and work abroad, recently conducted its Expat Insider survey, which ranked countries in context of the ‘Importance of New Work in the Local Business Culture,’ with Oman occupying a prominent position. Due to this reason, we motivate our clients to consider moving to Oman. Since finding a job in Oman on your own can be challenging and the visa application process is a hassle on its own, we offer our services being one of the best recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Oman. We have helped a massive number of Pakistanis to get jobs in different cities across the globe, including oman. Call us now and our representative will guide you about the rest..

Attractive Pay Packages And Tax-Free Income

When looking for a job in the Gulf, most people do not consider moving to Oman. Despite its potential as a job location, it receives little attention. You should look for Oman jobs and vacancies because of the attractive pay packages and tax-free income. Though these two factors apply to the majority of GCC countries, the overall cost of living in Oman is lower than in popular cities such as Dubai, making it an ideal job destination. The country also welcomes experts in the field of natural gas, which is another sector with tremendous job potential. In addition, the government is heavily investing in other sectors in an effort to diversify its economy. Therefore, more job opportunities have emerged in the construction, education, healthcare, and tourism sectors. Without any doubts, if you decide to move to Oman, it will be a decision you will cherish forever. To find out more, call now!

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Jobs in Oman for Pakistanis