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Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is the world’s largest oil-producing and exporting country after the USA. It produces around 10.84 million barrels daily and has 11% of the world’s total share. The wealth the exploitation of crude oil brings to the Saudi public coffers means that large infrastructure projects are being developed. This economic situation thus enables the country to create employment opportunities for the workforce from other countries.

Many people would like to know how to get a job in Saudi Arabia from Pakistan. The easiest way to find a well-paid job in the country is to contact a reliable overseas recruitment agency in Pakistan. You can find many agencies that supply manpower to the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia, from Pakistan. 

The requirements to enter Saudi Arabia are linked to the company that hires you. For this reason, you should know some particularities to access employment in the country.

Particularities For Manpower From Pakistan To Access Employment In Saudi Arabia

Here are some particularities for manpower from Pakistan to access employment in Saudi Arabia. These include entry requirements, KSA as a living place, and other practical issues.

Entry Requirements

The Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data shows that the current population of Saudi Arabia is 35,893,193 (35.89 million). The country hosts nearly 1.06 million Pakistanis, most working in construction and other unskilled sectors.

The permanence in KSA is linked to the employment contract with the company. So, the company with which you have signed and with your consent will carry out all entry and exit procedures. Upon leaving the country, you will also need an exit visa.

The attractiveness as a professional destination lies fundamentally in the hefty remuneration offered. It often includes trips home from time to time for two weeks. It is also a work destination where spending is minimal because leisure is so limited.

During the past few years, there has been a massive outflow of expatriate workers due to a policy that promotes employment among the locals instead of foreign workers. The high unemployment rate has led the Saudi state to apply this policy. This has led to the departure of many foreigners from the country, especially from the population in lower-paid positions. However, the unemployment rate declined to 6% in the first quarter of 2022 from 6.90% in the fourth quarter of 2021. This situation would favor the manpower from Pakistan.

Living Place

Daily life in KSA is different in terms of customs and traditions. Unlike in the past, you can now find some leisure options and entertainment opportunities across KSA, including cinemas.

The living standard is high in the country because of the low living cost. For expatriates, it is common to enlist the services of maids, gardeners, child care experts, and drivers. While these things rely on your preferences, many expatriates enjoy an excellent lifestyle. They can choose to live in the diplomatic neighborhood where they can wear modern clothes, and women don’t need to be covered.

As an expatriate, you can also choose to live in an apartment in the city. This would be the most economical option.

Other Practical Issues And Favorable Aspects

Although the official language is Arabic, English is used among expatriates and in business relations. In many companies, at least a B2 level is required.

Furthermore, temperatures usually reach 48º in the hottest months, from March to October. In the winter, the temperature only drops to 30º. However, heavy rain has been noted in the last few years.

The level of health professionals is very high, and there is good health protection. Foreign doctors mainly staff the healthcare system of the country. Foreigners constitute more than 70& of the total medical workforce. So, this sector favors Pakistani professionals to find work in KSA.

Final Words

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