Saudi Arabia Visa Processing Services In Pakistan

Our Recruitment Program for the Saudi Clients and Employment Seekers:

After obtaining the following documents from the employer/business, the Islamic Manpower recruiting process begins. The recruiting process is simple and begins with the preparing of pro-recruitment materials as follows:

  1. Demand Letter.
  2. Power of Attorney also referred to as Wakala – Consultation can be taken from any local Saudi recruitment office Wakala Should be attested from the chamber of commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, And Embassy of Pakistan in the Employer country.
  3. Copy of the Commercial Registration (CR) of the Saudi Recruiting Office from whom the Power of Attorney (Wakala) has been made.
  4. Copy of the Commercial Registration (CR) of the Employer’s Company.
  5. Copy of the Slip for Visa Payment also known as Amar Tehsil.
  6. Copy of the Identification Card from the Sponsor Tabiyaa.
  7. Permission from the Emigrants’ Corporation: Advertisements by Press

The criteria for workers are advertised by leading national newspapers to accept applications from interested applicants.

Calls to Interview

Short-listed applicants are called for interviews and trade assessments after reviewing the applications.

Final Selection

Short-listed applicants are then expected to appear before the selection board (if instructed by the employer) and are subsequently put to the test by the chosen candidates. After the final assessment of the individuals for all results, the final ranking is finished.

Health Review

The finalized candidates are required by a Medical Board composed of highly qualified specialists/doctors properly certified by the GCC and the Employer Country Consulate to undergo a complete medical check-up.

(See our website for Licensed GCC Medical Centers)

Collection Steps for Visa

You must get your medical test completed to contact our closest office (Karachi or Islamabad) along with your medical test.

  • Passport Original
  • CNIC Original
  • 4 Nos Images Latest Passport Size.

Upon receiving the same from the GAMCA Office as per the Royal Saudi Consulate Rules in this regard, we shall provide you with a GAMCA Number. A Medical Center approved by the Gulf at the cost of Rs 2,300, which you can bear, will carry out your medical examination. When you are found medically incompetent, no further action is taken in regard to the processing of visas.

Attestations in Document:

You have to get all the qualifications/degrees converted into Arabic by yourself, first of all.

If you have obtained your degree from a university outside Pakistan, you must, on your own, obtain your degree certificate from the Royal Saudi Consulate in that country.

If you have completed a degree from Punjab, NWFP, or Azad Kashmir Provinces?

If you have obtained your degree from a university-based in the Punjab, NWFP, or Azad Kashmir provinces, we will receive your documents certified by the Royal Saudi Consulate in Islamabad, but in order to encourage us to do the same, you should first receive the same certificate from the following:

The related education ministry.

Degree only an Arabic translation verification by the University Grant Commission. (Commission on Higher Education).

The Foreign Affairs Ministry

After you have completed all of the above, you will apply to our appropriate Office against receipts of all documents and cash charged all your properly checked originals along with the respective Arabic translation codpieces (Attested) along with a charge of Rs 900 Per Page of Certificates, Degrees & Translation. Since securing a passport, all the papers are returned to you.

NOTE: For all prospective applicants moving to the K.S.A, registration of records is mandatory and so any costs you incur for this will not be covered by us or our primary client.

If You Have Done Degree from Provinces of Sindh or Balochistan?

If you have earned a degree from a university-based in Sindh or Balochistan provinces, you must:

Take a letter from our office sent to the correct university and then get the initial degree and a copy of it to the appropriate university. The Related University shall affix both your original and its copy of the verification stamp on your original degree, while the University shall send the requisite letter of verification of the degree to the Royal Saudi Consulate located in Karachi via courier.

You have to translate all your documents into Arabic yourself, as well as check these documents and the accompanying Arabic translation from the following institutions:

The Education Ministry.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry.

After you have completed the above verification and attestation, you must visit the Royal Saudi Consulate in Karachi to find out whether or not the appropriate Degree Verification Letter released by the University has appeared there. As soon as the Royal Saudi Consulate acknowledges that the authentication letter has been issued, all the original papers, along with their copies and certificates, shall be approved by them.

These records are returned within 2 working days by the Royal Saudi Consulate after approval, although it can take longer. After all your documents have been approved by the Royal Saudi Consulate, you shall send to our Office, against proper reception, all these original documents along with the respective Arabic translation. Once your permit has been issued, all of these papers will be returned to you.

Upon fulfillment of the above requirements, the passports of the finalized applicants along with all the necessary documentation shall be presented for a visa to the Government of Pakistan Requirements Embassy/Consulate of the State of Jobs.

Documents Required at the Saudi Consulate by (Islamic Manpower) for visa processing:

  • Initial Valid Computerized Passport along with, if any, all prior passports.
  • Initial National Identification Card Computerized (CNIC).
  • 6 Cm x 4 Cm Colored Off-white Photos Background: 2 Nos.
  • Photographs in Standard Colored Passport Size: 12 Nos.
  • With their matching Attested Arabic Translation Versions, all Attested Initial Certificates / Degrees.
  • Certificate in Medical Health.

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