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Get To Know Dubai Before Getting Employed

Foreigners who want to live and work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, need a company from the country to act as a ‘sponsor’. It would be ideal for them to build their career. Otherwise, they have to find work after entering Dubai, which is a problematic option. If a company acts as a sponsor, you can only work for it. The company is in charge of the procedures for obtaining the visa and residence permit by contacting the authorities for you.

In this regard, you can contact some reliable recruitment agencies in Pakistan to succeed. Here, we intend to let you know how you can live and work in Dubai. So, this blog focuses on the requirements to work in Dubai, its major industries, and its work culture.

Work Requirements, Major Industries, And Work Culture In Dubai

Here is some key information about Dubai that will help you know the city and find the most suitable employment: 

Work Requirements In Dubai

At first, having Arabic language skills is not mandatory, but you need to speak English, and your level cannot be less than B2 (more advanced level). So, what you need is to speak fluent English. English is necessary for well-paid jobs

Apart from the advanced level of English, you will need a visa to work in Dubai. For this, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You need to be sponsored (hired) by a company and process your work permit.
  • Passport with more than 6 months validity.
  • Do not have contagious diseases (you must pass a medical examination).

Major Industries In Dubai

The UAE has one of the world’s highest per capita income levels and a highly developed welfare system. Dubai also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the Middle East, around 0.5%. And this most populous city relies heavily on foreign labor (over 85% of the workforce). 

‘Emiratization’ is a policy launched in Dubai to encourage the employment of the local workforce. Still, the unemployment rate among Emiratis remains considerably high compared to foreigners. It varies by Emirate, with the highest rate in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai contributes around 53% of GDP and employs 64% of the workforce. The main business sectors in the city are as follows:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Tourism
  • Air Transport
  • International Trade
  • Financial Activities

The Oil & Gas landscape has been through enormous changes during the past few years. Investment throughout the region, including Dubai, is now spread across a more diverse range of projects. Technical offshore projects are most prominent because of employment opportunities for foreigners.

An expectation is that this will continue in the future. Offshore exploration spending will likely go up five-fold by the next few years. The projects, including Upper Zakum, Ruwais Refinery Complex, Zubair Oil Field, Basra Gas Gathering Project, and others, are creating new job opportunities for locals and foreigners.

Other potential industries include petrochemical, material processing, furniture manufacturing, industrial food preparation, aluminum production, and real estate.

Work Culture In Dubai

The work culture in Dubai is hospitable, in which personal and work relationships go almost hand in hand. In addition, it is one of the cities with the most significant cultural and social openness in the Arabian Peninsula.

Dubai, despite its openness, continues to be a society in which loyalties and family, clan and tribal ties define relationships. Economic and business relations do not escape this social context.

Final Words

We hope this blog will help you get to know Dubai. Undoubtedly, Dubai still has the potential to create job opportunities because of the mega projects, especially in the oil and gas sector. If you’ve pertinent qualifications, knowledge, and expertise in any field, you can contact Islamic Manpower Promoters to get employed in Dubai. We’re the leading manpower supply agency in Pakistan, helping Pakistanis find well-paid employment in UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Contact us today!


Jobs In Dubai Most In-Demand Among Manpower From Pakistan

Many think that oil drives the economy in the UAE, especially in Dubai. Although true, tourism also plays a vital role in driving this cosmopolitan city. Therefore, people will have a great competitive advantage to find work in the ​​tourism and hospitality areas quickly.

You can notice that Pakistanis, Indians, Filipinos, and those from UAE neighboring countries have been providing customer service in these fields for many years. And more companies are interested in westernizing tourism in the Gulf. So, you can find many UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia recruitment agencies in Pakistan that help people get employment in the Gulf, mainly in Dubai.

Indeed, tourism and hospitality are prominent fields, and this blog looks at associated and other jobs in Dubai that are most in-demand among Pakistanis. 

Jobs Most In-Demand Among Manpower From Pakistan

Here are some job areas in which you can find work in Dubai if you have good qualifications and skills according to the field:

Chefs Or Cooks

Specialists in Pakistani, Indian, and Western foods often seek employment opportunities in hotels and restaurants. So, if you love cooking and know how to prepare some good dishes, this is your ideal job offer in Dubai.

Waiters Or Bartenders

These are some of the easiest jobs to find in Dubai. Hotels and restaurants offering these positions do not ask for many requirements. However, having a good English speaking level and some experience is enough.

Although you earn the least in these jobs (except for bartenders who are in high demand and usually get paid well), they are a perfect option to start and practice your English.

Pilots and Stewardesses

UAE owns several airlines. With the higher ranking in the world for best airlines, there is a high demand for pilots and other aviation-related professions. The payment is outstanding, with a pilot earning around $18,800 monthly.


Another most demanded and well-paid job is hostess and receptionist. It is about working at the reception of hotels, serving travelers, receiving and informing them of their stay and what they need to spend time in Dubai.

Musicians, DJs Or Dancers

In this artistic area, you work for contracts in the high seasons and generally earn well. You can find these offers through auditions, artistic recruitment agencies, or directly by contacting hotels or cruise ships.

English Teacher

As we’re telling you, tourism and hospitality companies drive Dubai. However, there is a potential for call centers and language schools. So, take advantage of your good English in Dubai.

For example, you can become an English teacher if you have a good level of English, training, and a degree that supports your experience.

Programmers, Marketing, And Communication

Dubai is one of the example cities of development towards the future, being among the most modern cities in the world. And to keep up with the first world, IT and marketing-related employers prioritize those with programming, marketing, and communication skills. 

So, if you dedicate yourself to any of these careers, you can find good and well-paid job offers in Dubai.

House Cleaning Or Child Care

These job offers are so ordinary but very well paid in other countries. However, they are not so in Dubai, as people from India, the Philippines, and Africa fill these positions by demanding less money. So, the pay is not good at all for Pakistanis.

The End

We hope this blog will help you realize what professions have the best scope in Dubai. If you like this, share it with your social circle to inform your friends about job opportunities in Dubai.

Islamic Manpower Promoters is a leading overseas employment agency in Pakistan, supplying the talent pool to companies operating in UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. If you have suitable qualifications and skills and want to stay in the UAE, contact us today!


5 Benefits Of HR Outsourcing For Large Corporations

HR outsourcing is a concept that is gaining much recognition among the companies operating in the Middle East. This is a method that allows big corporations to recruit qualified staff without the need to hire in-house HR professionals. The process is transparent, streamlined, and beneficial for both employees, as well as employers. 

There are many best overseas agencies in Pakistan that outsource staff for companies operating in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Such services provide numerous financial benefits to employers in these companies. 

In short, the pros of HR outsourcing are broad. That is why, companies in this region are rapidly turning towards recruitment agencies to handle their HR department. 

Why Consider Outsourcing HR Services?

HR consultancy and staff outsourcing play key roles in generating productivity for a company. Here are some reasons corporations should consider incorporating this idea into their businesses. 

  1. Financial Stability:

HR outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative for large and small businesses. You can save a significant amount of money from your company’s revenue by hiring online recruitment services. This eliminates the need to have an in-house Human Resource department. 

You don’t have to invest in the equipment, personnel, and technology required to run an HR department. You can also use the extra space to create other, productive units instead.

  1. Flexible Hiring:

Sometimes, companies need to hire employees on special contracts. For example, short-term hires, special positions, or filling in substitute positions. This process becomes a lot more flexible and quick with an HR recruitment agency on board. Without running into security risks or scams, you will be able to recruit the best talent. Your company will not have to risk losing anything financially in order to hire employees on short contracts.

  1. Efficient Functioning:

If your company is greatly invested in its in-house HR department, chances are, you’ll have to focus on it more. Aside from financial investment, you may lose track of the business tasks that are actually constructive for the growth of the organization.

Partner with an HR agency to reduce your HR-related paperwork and history. If the workload on your HR section is too much, the agency will handle it to make room for other important tasks, like strategic planning and optimizing the work environment for increased productivity. This will lead to better output and efficient functioning.

  1. Access To Expert Professionals:

Expert HR professionals are key to generating a productive workforce for your company. A company has to invest a significant amount of resources and finances to recruit them in-house. Only then will they be successful in hiring the most suitable staff for different business-related tasks. 

However, with HR outsourcing, you can get access to experts without worrying about the additional costs. You will have a team of HR with experience in the recruitment field. They will help you identify the best talent locally as well as internationally.

  1. No Procedural Worries:

The procedures for hiring and firing can be quite stressful for companies. An outsourced HR will handle all the technicalities of such processes without demanding your time. They are aware of the ways to handle hiring issues as well as employee concerns.

Find a dedicated team with ample experience and hand over your HR worries to them. This will save you from a lot of trouble associated with resume shortlisting, interviews, and recruitment documentation. 

Here are some benefits of outsourcing HR services in the UAE, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia. If you are looking to recruit talent from countries like Pakistan, connect with Islamic Manpower Promoters. We are a recruitment agency operating in Pakistan, helping Middle Eastern countries hire talent from this region.

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