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6 Things You Need to Consider Before Leaving to Work in Saudi Arabia

Thousands of expats leave their country to work in Saudi Arabia every year, a fraction of which are from Pakistan. There are dozen of job opportunities in this Middle Eastern country, which invites those who want to explore the international market and work abroad. You can even find recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia that help you find a perfect company based on your qualifications and experience.

But before you get in touch with them, here are a few things you should consider before leaving to work in Saudi Arabia.

1.    Different Languages

The national language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic and at times you will be required to talk and understand that language only. Although you can still speak in English, as it is considered a universal language and is spoken by many working professionals, it is better to learn the language. You are likely to move up the ladder quickly if you know their local language and have a better relationship with your colleagues as well.

2.    Non-Conventional Interviews

When you apply for a job that is not in your home country, you will have to prepare yourself for non-conventional interviews. This includes interviewing through video calls or phone calls. So, it is important that you practice your talking points with your prospective employer and prepare for answers to multiple interview questions. Since it is somewhat a different domain for many employees, you must make sure you are ready in every way.

3.    Different Time Zones

Even though there is not much time difference between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, it is important that you keep track. All your interviews in Saudi Arabia will be held based on their time, so you must make sure to consider the time change. Plus, before leaving for Saudi Arabia, you should try and adjust yourself to their time zone beforehand. This will make your transition to their time a lot easier.

4.    Holidays

It is quite easy to keep track and plan for holidays in Saudi Arabia when you’re going there from Pakistan. Most of the holidays and off-days observed over there are also observed in Pakistan, with the exception of a few. So, you can expect 3 days eid holidays and other Islamic off days but you won’t be able to get an off on days that are for occasions only observed in Pakistan. This includes Independence Day, Defence Day, etc. So, make sure you plan your holidays accordingly.

5.    Work Permit And Visa

To work or even seek a job in an overseas company, you may need to obtain a work permit or visa. You should also keep in mind the time limits on your work permit in case it does not survive the term of your job. Similarly in Saudi Arabia, you will need a work visa. You can easily apply for a visa through agencies that are accredited to the Royal Embassy Of Saudi Arabia.

Some companies in Saudi Arabia take responsibility for your visa application. They pay for it and make sure it goes through. However, you will have to ensure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity left from the day you enter the country.   

6.    Economy, Politics, And Culture

When you choose to work in Saudi Arabia, you must make yourself familiar with their culture, customs, and etiquette. Since Saudi Arabia is an Islamic and very conservative country, you must ensure that you make yourself accustomed to their rules and regulations along with societal norms. The more you adapt to the country, the better your experience will be. Plus, make sure you learn about the country’s economy and politics before taking the interview, as it may come up.

Once you have considered everything, you can contact Saudi Arabia recruitment agencies in Pakistan to take a step forward. At Islamic Manpower, we can help you find a multitude of opportunities that are just perfect for your experience and qualifications. So, get in touch with us now!