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Here Is a Look at The Most Trending Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the most-increasing commercial middles that attract tourists and businesses worldwide. Apart from conventional firms, startup ventures and Small Medium Enterprises are consistently probing for new competencies in Saudi Arabia. Suppose you are a college scholar who wants to furnace your profession or a skilled professional looking for a new challenge. Understanding and learning the numerous curving careers in Saudi Arabia are vital. If you are seeing a job alteration or looking to move abroad, here is a look at the Most trending jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistanis.

  1.  Risk And Security Management Professions

The field of risk and security management is the trendiest job in Saudi Arabia. In this field, managers and security analysts lie. There is a more significant threat to data and business security because most companies are entirely digital and adopting new technologies. Therefore, companies want to hire in-house specialists who can forecast, anticipate and mitigate the associated risks.

The professions in Saudi Arabia that are most in-demand in this framework comprise:

  • Risk Executives or Managers
  • Security Analysts or Experts
  • Cyber Security Architects
  1. Legal Sector Occupations

Over time, Saudi Arabia has extended their legal prospects to accommodate the swiftly developing global business countryside. Well-organized legal experts, remarkably fluent in dispute resolution and financial technology and regulations, need well-organized legal experts.

If you are watching for high-demand jobs in Saudia’s legal segment, you can avail the opportunity to get employed in such fields.

  • Legal Advisor or a counsel
  • Paralegal
  • Legal Assistant
  1. Digitalization And Artificial Intelligence Field

Artificial Intelligence or Digitalization sectors can lift your likelihood of getting work in Saudi Arabia for several reasons.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The Middle East is a zone of the elite community; either a businessman or a tourist has played a tremendous role in modifying the culture of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Employers’ increasing reliance on innovative machinery has led to high claims for specialists and experts in this sector. Today there is a high requirement for Artificial Intelligence experts for in-house technology crews in Saudi Arabia. B

  • Digitalization

Several technical jobs like developers (front-end, full-stack, or android), cyber security specialists, cloud engineers, and IT project managers are accessible on the market. They have experience in digital transformation or having controlled a company’s digitalization in such technical fields. You are eligible for such high-in-demand job roles for now and future. With Saudi Arabia at the forefront of digital prowess, business modernization is inevitable.

Because the established and startup companies transform from manual to digitalization practices, the call for software development specialists and people who can bring about or implement digital transformation is advancing.

  1. Accounting And Finance Occupation

The demand for finance and Accounting is rare and common because no business can operate in and out of money without accounting and finance management.

Therefore, businesses tried to find efficient financial procedures to achieve cost efficiency and manage accounts. The demand for professionals in the accounting and finance sector, from New Ventures and Small Medium Enterprises to multinationals, is highly required and fixed.

Finance Titles include:

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Payroll Assistant
  3. Finance Clerk
  4. Financial Advisor Assistant
  5. Financial Consultant

Accounts Titles include:

  1. Bookkeeping clerk
  2. Accountant
  3. Business analyst
  4. Certified public accountant (CPA)
  5. Accounting consultant


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Five bits of Advice for Getting a Better Job in Dubai

Internationally Availing a better job today for Pakistanis is difficult because of the economic disparities. When local currencies start devaluing, talented citizens leave the country to secure the future. Even if they apply it locally, they survive due to the financial circumstances and inflation because businesses started laying off their employees.

Dubai is based on tourism, where people come and generate their business. With around 85% of the population consisting of emigrants and tourists. Therefore, Dubai is a general state for those who want better jobs. Dubai has high popularity in getting employed, and competition can be fierce. Receiving multiple applications worldwide is difficult for them to pick because all matches become extraordinarily intense. Applying without making any improvement gets very discouraging pretty fast.

But don’t worry! Here we will enrich your mind with some valuable bits of advice for getting a better job In Dubai.

  1. Use the right tools.

Apply as per your field, where your expertise lies because employers judge you based on your academic knowledge or experience level. Don’t utilize every single job for humankind. Focus on the most relevant selection tool for your field. Because of having an experience in finance, there is no point in applying in a supply chain.

  1. Verify your identifications

There are numerous applications that hiring managers analyze and recruit them globally. Even the cost associated with international recruitment effects. Hence, to make the hiring process more feasible and secure, provide the credentials with the right qualifications to get full proof assurance from HR. It will stop your background check process during the credential verification period.

  1. Make your Aim strong.

Never waste your time applying to every single job in every single district. It’s very improbable that (regardless of how capable and qualified you are) you are entitled to all job opportunities. Spend time applying for jobs matching your qualifications and experience by giving yourself a proper time.

When you reach recruiters, clear your mind about the areas you are open to being employed in and the job roles you prefer to explore in these fields. If you’re an Islamic Manpower Promoters member, you can specify this on your Islamic Manpower Promoters’ page so that employers will only contact you with relevant jobs in Dubai.

  1. Never lose Hope

Hard times are a crucial part of life, and things get worse. In employment, hiring takes time, mainly due to the recurring job market in Dubai. Busy times indicated many vacancies tend to fall between the summer and winter seasons. These periods tend to be lower regarding the number of available positions. It shows that it’s common for the job to take up to 01 Year to save a role in Dubai. So never lose Hope.

  1. Build your professional portfolio

Recruiters don’t have a moment to read every word of their CV. Visual online portfolios or digital resumes help recruiters see the critical information at a glance compared to the detailed CV, which falls out of favor with employers and is being replaced by digital resumes with only relevant information. Different platforms build infographic resumes and professional resumes digitally, where you enter the data and generate a concise resume.


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Get To Know Dubai Before Getting Employed

Foreigners who want to live and work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, need a company from the country to act as a ‘sponsor’. It would be ideal for them to build their career. Otherwise, they have to find work after entering Dubai, which is a problematic option. If a company acts as a sponsor, you can only work for it. The company is in charge of the procedures for obtaining the visa and residence permit by contacting the authorities for you.

In this regard, you can contact some reliable recruitment agencies in Pakistan to succeed. Here, we intend to let you know how you can live and work in Dubai. So, this blog focuses on the requirements to work in Dubai, its major industries, and its work culture.

Work Requirements, Major Industries, And Work Culture In Dubai

Here is some key information about Dubai that will help you know the city and find the most suitable employment: 

Work Requirements In Dubai

At first, having Arabic language skills is not mandatory, but you need to speak English, and your level cannot be less than B2 (more advanced level). So, what you need is to speak fluent English. English is necessary for well-paid jobs

Apart from the advanced level of English, you will need a visa to work in Dubai. For this, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You need to be sponsored (hired) by a company and process your work permit.
  • Passport with more than 6 months validity.
  • Do not have contagious diseases (you must pass a medical examination).

Major Industries In Dubai

The UAE has one of the world’s highest per capita income levels and a highly developed welfare system. Dubai also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the Middle East, around 0.5%. And this most populous city relies heavily on foreign labor (over 85% of the workforce). 

‘Emiratization’ is a policy launched in Dubai to encourage the employment of the local workforce. Still, the unemployment rate among Emiratis remains considerably high compared to foreigners. It varies by Emirate, with the highest rate in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai contributes around 53% of GDP and employs 64% of the workforce. The main business sectors in the city are as follows:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Tourism
  • Air Transport
  • International Trade
  • Financial Activities

The Oil & Gas landscape has been through enormous changes during the past few years. Investment throughout the region, including Dubai, is now spread across a more diverse range of projects. Technical offshore projects are most prominent because of employment opportunities for foreigners.

An expectation is that this will continue in the future. Offshore exploration spending will likely go up five-fold by the next few years. The projects, including Upper Zakum, Ruwais Refinery Complex, Zubair Oil Field, Basra Gas Gathering Project, and others, are creating new job opportunities for locals and foreigners.

Other potential industries include petrochemical, material processing, furniture manufacturing, industrial food preparation, aluminum production, and real estate.

Work Culture In Dubai

The work culture in Dubai is hospitable, in which personal and work relationships go almost hand in hand. In addition, it is one of the cities with the most significant cultural and social openness in the Arabian Peninsula.

Dubai, despite its openness, continues to be a society in which loyalties and family, clan and tribal ties define relationships. Economic and business relations do not escape this social context.

Final Words

We hope this blog will help you get to know Dubai. Undoubtedly, Dubai still has the potential to create job opportunities because of the mega projects, especially in the oil and gas sector. If you’ve pertinent qualifications, knowledge, and expertise in any field, you can contact Islamic Manpower Promoters to get employed in Dubai. We’re the leading manpower supply agency in Pakistan, helping Pakistanis find well-paid employment in UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Contact us today!


How Saudi Arabia Strengths Its Economy?

Saudi Arabia has brought considerable change to the country over the past few years by developing economic and social transformation plans.

The global economy is still uncertain after the health crisis (Covid-19 pandemic). However, Saudi Arabia stands out based on its determination to accelerate its reforms and diversification by turning firmly towards the future. Indeed, during this troubled period, the country stood out through the multiplication of ambitious announcements in strategic sectors at the heart of energy transition and significant technological changes.

We have witnessed Saudi Arabia jobs for Pakistanis were easy to get during the 1980s. Over time, job opportunities gradually tended to decline. Like most other countries worldwide, the job market of KSA took a hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the country has brought a change and emerged as the best post-COVID economy. Now, you can find many employment opportunities in the country.

This blog will shed light on the GDP and private sector, which is the transformation engine in Saudi Arabia.

Double GDP By 2030

Saudi Arabia pledged to build a new economic development model by launching its Vision 2030 as a transformation plan in 2016. The Kingdom wants to build a more liberal and inclusive economy, creating jobs and wealth.

Mohamed Bin Salman wants to build new development poles by 2030, aiming to double its GDP. He shows his determination to radically transform the Saudi economy and society.

Riyadh wishes to become a major player in many sectors by 2030. The Vision 2030 plan aims to make the country a world leader in renewable energies and an attractive tourist destination to welcome more than 100 million visitors.

Furthermore, the country has now become an entertainment market that may exceed $ 8 billion. The use of technology enables KSA to acquire a defense industry ranked among the top 25 in the world. The country has also developed the manufacturing and mining industries.

All sectors are central to the Kingdom’s transformation strategy, from food security to smart cities, including biotechnologies and artificial intelligence. By developing large-scale logistics and airport infrastructures, Saudi Arabia also intends to take full advantage of its strategic location at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

The Private Sector – Engine Of Transformation

The private sector is also expected to be the engine of this transformation plan. So, Saudi Arabia wants to increase its share in GDP from 40% to 60%. The country intends to attract international investors to invest in the country. The country also focuses on privatizations, and it’s good example is Aramco, the Saudi Arabian Oil Company.

Furthermore, the recent mergers of SAMBA and NCB banks, and the recent initial public offering (IPO) of the energy transition giant Acwa Power, are parts of the implementation of this strategy.

Mohamad Bin Salman also focuses on diversification by relying on technology transfer, improving the business climate. Based on the public-private partnership and the technology, the country wants to reduce barriers to investment. The country also intends to ensure the development of free zones and the new economy through strategic partnerships with the major global players. Recently, Saudi Arabia has also issued government bonds, taking advantage of the country’s low level of debt.

Final Words

Overall, all the strategies implemented yet have been successful. It is expected that the implementation of the entire plan in Saudi Arabia will lead its economy to thrive. The country has started to create smart employment opportunities based on its strategies. We hope this blog has helped you know how Saudi Arabia strengthened its economy and to what level its economy could be supportive of the Pakistani workforce.

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What Are The Work Visa Requirements For UAE

UAE is a major producer of employment for Pakistanis. Thousands of people apply for jobs every year, and go through visa processing to start working in one of the most developed countries in the world. On top of that, the visa requirements for the UAE are not as demanding as other Middle Eastern countries, making it one of the easiest ones to obtain.  

If you are in search of jobs in the UAE as a Pakistani, you are likely to find something that suits your qualifications. This also makes it an ideal option for companies planning to expand their business on an international level. 

 While the processing does not take too long, and is quite straightforward, you must still fulfill some requirements related to residence visas, immigration, and work permit. 

Types Of Visas You May Need:

If you are planning to work in the UAE, you will need to get a work permit. This is also called a labor card, which is a mandatory step of the process. Before applying for the permit, employees are required to get a residence visa, an entry visa, and an Emirate ID card.

Documents Needed To Obtain Work Visa:

You may need to prepare some documents before applying for a work visa in the UAE. 

  1. A valid passport(with photocopy)
  2. Photos in passport size
  3. An Emirate ID card
  4. Entry permit issued by the Ministry of Labor(MOL)
  5. Medical screening reports
  6. A company identity card obtained from the UAE employer (request a photocopy)
  7. A copy of the commercial licensing of the company 

Once an employee has the residence visa in hand, they can apply for a work permit. For that, you will be required to submit your work permit application form with all the documents mentioned above. The form is to be filled in the Arabic language. Make sure that you have a job offer certificate or a copy of your employment contract from your employer in the UAE. 

The Three Steps In The Application Process:

Here is a breakdown of the three visa processing steps for UAE employees. Recruiters trying to get a visa for their employees can also use this information to ensure successful visa approval.

  1. Get An Entry Visa:

A UAE entry visa for employment is also called a pink visa. The process starts with the employer applying for a visa quota approval in place of their employee. Once the Ministry of Labor approves the request, the employer will forward an employment contract to the department. This contract is submitted after being signed by the prospective employee.

The MOL will approve the work permit application and then issue an employment entry visa to you. You can then use this entry visa to fly to the UAE within two months of receiving it. 

Once you entered the country with a pink visa, you can apply for a formal work permit and residence visa within 60 days.

  1. Get An Emirate ID Card:

To obtain an ID, an employee has to show their entry visa along with an original passport at the Emirate Identity Authority(EIDA). The person applying has to be present in person at the department for successful application submission. You will be asked to provide biometrics as well as your recent photographs, so make sure to keep everything with you. 

  1. Residence Visa And Work Permit:

Collect all the documents mentioned in the previous section to apply for a residence visa in the UAE. This visa expires within one to three years and needs to be renewed after this period. The work permit by your employer is obtained along with the residency visa.

Once all of this process is completed, and you have obtained all three documents, you can start working in the country as an official employee. If you are having a difficult time locating jobs, you can get help from Islamic Manpower Promoters. We offer UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain jobs to Pakistanis. You can visit our website to connect with employers residing in these regions. 


5 Tips That Will Help You Find A Qatar Job Easily

Finding a job in Qatar can be quite challenging, especially if you’re a Pakistani. The oil and gas-rich company is capable of producing numerous employment opportunities for job seekers from different countries.

If you are looking to get hired by an international corporation, contact a recruitment agency offering overseas jobs. They will connect you to potential recruiters in different countries. If you are interested to cash your experience and qualifications in a Middle Eastern country, Qatar is a great option.

The salaries are reasonable, and the currency difference makes all the difference. So, if you are considering applying for a job in Qatar, do not wait further, and apply for a work permit immediately.

How To Land A Job In Qatar?

Here are some helpful tips that will make the process a lot more convenient for you. If you follow the right steps, you are likely to get recruited by a reputable firm in Qatar.

 1. Look For Jobs From An Early Stage:

Whether you’re a student planning to transfer to Qatar or an employee looking to get an increment, finding a job in Qatar will provide you with many long-term benefits. It is wise to start looking as soon as you can, so you can land a relevant job in time. The visa processing and work permit also take time, so starting early is always a good idea.

Have a look at the employment section of news portals, connect with an HR recruitment agency, or contact the Qatar Embassy. These methods will help you expand your exposure and locate a job within a few months.

2. Create An Impressive CV:

Your resume plays a crucial role in helping you get a good job. Your job hunt will become a lot less complicated with a quality CV in hand. Remember that this is your first document that will be looked at by a prospective employee. 

Their HR experts will assess you and shortlist you based on the information, experience, and qualifications mentioned on this piece of paper. So, make it as compelling as you can and add all relevant details about your work and academics. 

3. Create Connections:

Finding employment in a foreign country becomes a lot faster and more convenient if you have connections in that region. See if you have any friends, family, or colleagues residing in Qatar, and reach out to them about your job concerns. They might be able to connect you with corporations looking to hire international staff. 

To improve your chances of an interview, drop your CV at all jobs that you find fitting with your qualifications, and be vocal about your queries. Don’t be afraid to ask companies about job openings through email/phone numbers. The corporate department in Qatar is quite cooperative and friendly, and they will answer all your queries accurately. 

4. Attend Networking Events:

Subscribe to different recruitment and HR consultant agencies that host networking events in your city. Be updated on social events with that follow the agenda of international recruitment. This way, you can fill yourself in on the latest job openings. You will also make connections with professionals working in similar fields, who might become your sources and advisors in the future. 

5. Connect With An HR Agency:

HR agencies are playing a leading role in providing foreign jobs to Pakistanis. They are on the forefront and are the best platform to find job opportunities. Get in touch with an expert recruitment agency in your region to earn access to a plethora of jobs in Qatar.

So, if you are a Pakistani searching for a job in Qatar, Islamic Manpower Promoters is your best bet. We are a manpower agency in Pakistan that helps locals find agreeable jobs in different Middle Eastern countries.