What Are The Work Visa Requirements For UAE – IMP

UAE is a major producer of employment for Pakistanis. Thousands of people apply for jobs every year, and go through visa processing to start working in one of the most developed countries in the world. On top of that, the visa requirements for the UAE are not as demanding as other Middle Eastern countries, making it one of the easiest ones to obtain.  

If you are in search of jobs in the UAE as a Pakistani, you are likely to find something that suits your qualifications. This also makes it an ideal option for companies planning to expand their business on an international level. 

 While the processing does not take too long, and is quite straightforward, you must still fulfill some requirements related to residence visas, immigration, and work permit. 

Types Of Visas You May Need:

If you are planning to work in the UAE, you will need to get a work permit. This is also called a labor card, which is a mandatory step of the process. Before applying for the permit, employees are required to get a residence visa, an entry visa, and an Emirate ID card.

Documents Needed To Obtain Work Visa:

You may need to prepare some documents before applying for a work visa in the UAE. 

  1. A valid passport(with photocopy)
  2. Photos in passport size
  3. An Emirate ID card
  4. Entry permit issued by the Ministry of Labor(MOL)
  5. Medical screening reports
  6. A company identity card obtained from the UAE employer (request a photocopy)
  7. A copy of the commercial licensing of the company 

Once an employee has the residence visa in hand, they can apply for a work permit. For that, you will be required to submit your work permit application form with all the documents mentioned above. The form is to be filled in the Arabic language. Make sure that you have a job offer certificate or a copy of your employment contract from your employer in the UAE. 

The Three Steps In The Application Process:

Here is a breakdown of the three visa processing steps for UAE employees. Recruiters trying to get a visa for their employees can also use this information to ensure successful visa approval.

  1. Get An Entry Visa:

A UAE entry visa for employment is also called a pink visa. The process starts with the employer applying for a visa quota approval in place of their employee. Once the Ministry of Labor approves the request, the employer will forward an employment contract to the department. This contract is submitted after being signed by the prospective employee.

The MOL will approve the work permit application and then issue an employment entry visa to you. You can then use this entry visa to fly to the UAE within two months of receiving it. 

Once you entered the country with a pink visa, you can apply for a formal work permit and residence visa within 60 days.

  1. Get An Emirate ID Card:

To obtain an ID, an employee has to show their entry visa along with an original passport at the Emirate Identity Authority(EIDA). The person applying has to be present in person at the department for successful application submission. You will be asked to provide biometrics as well as your recent photographs, so make sure to keep everything with you. 

  1. Residence Visa And Work Permit:

Collect all the documents mentioned in the previous section to apply for a residence visa in the UAE. This visa expires within one to three years and needs to be renewed after this period. The work permit by your employer is obtained along with the residency visa.

Once all of this process is completed, and you have obtained all three documents, you can start working in the country as an official employee. If you are having a difficult time locating jobs, you can get help from Islamic Manpower Promoters. We offer UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain jobs to Pakistanis. You can visit our website to connect with employers residing in these regions.