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Islamic Manpower Promoters

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We believe outstanding individuals deserve to work with great corporations. That is why we are doing what we are doing.

Islamic Manpower Promoters in Pakistan is one of the leading manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan, supplying manpower to entire Middle East region especially in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We are providing the best recruitment options and elite employment service in Pakistan since 1990.

Our Core Competencies
  • Creation of employee development and succession planning opportunities.
  • Integrated Information Technology Systems and Professionals for Effective Recruiting Process.
  • Locally Trusted Name and International Recognition.
  • Among the ones who have more than 40 Years of Experience.
  • Highly Trained and Professional Staff.
  • Member of ILO (International Labor Organization)

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We believe We can help you recruit the planet’s best talent!

With due diligence and with the expectation of immense perfection, We Offer our Clients the following Offerings as far as Business Conditions are concerned


We've been thriving for 30 years

Our team is highly trained to provide comprehensive outsource service, turn-key solutions to help company’s stay compliant with the adviser requirement.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be both our customers and the candidates’ idyllic and valued recruiting partner & consultant. In order to accomplish our targets, we are highly committed to the provision of outstanding customer support, honesty, accountability, quality staffing, and efficient pricing and making employers seek the employees effectively through information technology.

Vision Statement:

Based on our commitment & professional facilities, our vision is to become the employers’ friendly HR Consultancy & Outsourcing firm. With our personalized optimized information management system, we envision the interactive HR management system. And to become the largest manpower services firm of the nation and to put it at a multinational level, supplying the highest quality of manpower from Pakistan.


Our Client is the first priority as we believe that outstanding workers deserve to work with the best Companies. Keeping the stated statement and our vision and mission in line, with the experience of about 40 years we have fulfilled the demand and supply of professionals. In the past 3 decades, we have processed more than 11,000 professionals to our valuable clients and are willing to do so in the coming decades with the assistance of our remarkable CEO, Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Awan.

Objectives of Future Endeavors of Islamic Manpower:

  • Promoting the movement of Pakistani labor for work abroad
  • Provision of the International Labor Market with skilled, efficient, and cost-effective human capital
  • To support foreign recruiters in Pakistani Manpower recruiting against unique demands
  • Enabling Pakistani job seekers to work abroad by creating an atmosphere free of abuse
  • Organize pre-departure workforce preparation against particular demand, if applicable,
  • To ensure that travel arrangements for selected staff are seamless and fast.


Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Awan, the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Islamic Manpower Promoters are in the Business of Human Resource providers since 1977. He started as a General Manager in a Recruitment Company in 1977 and gained valuable experience for about 13 years. Then after 13 long years of hard work he laid the foundation of Islamic Manpower in 1990 and since then he is the Leader in charge of Islamic Manpower Promoters. The most valuable achievement is he is among the very few Recruitment Business Owners in Pakistan who actually possess more than 40 years of vast experience in the respective field. Mr. Aqeel is passionate about preparing the workforce of tomorrow.  He has directed recruitment projects for positions around the globe affecting more than 5000 employees and today he continues to lead the business.

The vision of Mr. Aqeel states Islamic Manpower Promoters will certainly be the leader in the recruiting industry in the country by continuously supplying our customers with world-class support and professional employees, by constantly improving their facilities and processes, and by enhancing relationships with our customers.


Recruitment Process

Upon the receipt of our required documents from the Employer Company, we shall obtain Recruitment Permission from the Office of the Protector of Emigrants, Government of Pakistan


The criteria for manpower are advertised by leading national newspapers and advertisements on our social media platforms to accept applications from interested applicants

Calls to Interview

Short-listed applicants are called for interviews and trade assessments after reviewing the applications. Interviews are conducted in presence of the related countries.

Final Selection

Short-listed applicants are then expected to appear before the selection board (if instructed by the employer) and are subsequently put to the test by the chosen candidates

Health Review

The finalized candidates are required by a Medical Board composed of highly qualified specialists/doctors properly certified by the GCC and the Employer Country Consulate to undergo complete medical check-up

Visa Issuance

We will send the selected persons to the Employer Company for the further process of visa issuance. After the receipts of the visa from the Employer Company, we will complete the local documentation.

Seat Confirmation & Departure

Once the Formalities of Protector of Emigrants are complete, we shall forward your Details to our Travel Agents to make Travel arrangements

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